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Mold Remediation Environmental

EBI provides analysis of mold conditions and consultation related to mold remediation. Unlike other environmental hazards such as lead and asbestos, mold has the unique ability to return after it is removed. Our staff has a comprehensive knowledge of mold resistant construction that can protect against the mold conditions reoccurring.

Mold Screening and Testing Services

A Certified Indoor Air Consultant will visually survey areas of mold concern and provide consultation. Swab and air samples are collected at the time of the screening for laboratory analysis including outdoor mold reference analysis.

This visual non-invasive survey could be performed at a specific location or to a complete house or building. This mold screening service can also be used to test post mold cleanup conditions.

A Mold Screening Report is provided with the findings of the survey including recommended remediation protocol of apparent mold conditions.

EBI has provided consultation when it comes to Long Island mold removal to building owners in high profile multi-million dollar mold remediation projects including the Archstone Apartments in Westbury and Phipps Plaza South in New York City.

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