Local Law 6 of 2013

Local Law 6 of 2013 HPD Inspections

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is targeting buildings that have recurring water leak and mold violations. Owners who have not addressed the underlying condition causing the leaks and mold are receiving violations.

Mold or water leaks in a building are likely caused by an underlying building condition which may be a violation of the Housing Maintenance Code. In a stepped up effort to ensure underlying conditions are corrected, the New York City Local Law 6 of 2013 was passed. The law enables the HPD to issue orders that require residential building owners to fix those conditions. (Note: One- or two-family buildings are exempt from LL6.)

In order for an owner to get a rescission of Local Law 6 violations, the building owner must submit an affidavit from a NYS licensed professional engineer (PE) stating that there are no underlying conditions that are causing the mold and water leak violations or that the underlying condition and related violations were properly repaired. Failure to comply with an order by the HPD within the required time period can result in a penalty of $1,000 for each dwelling unit subject to LL6, with a penalty on no less than $5,000.

Engineered Building Inspections, P.C. (EBI) is a specialty engineering firm that provides assistance with the Local Law 6 process. Specializing in the practice of waterproofing including Local Law 11 inspections, the EBI team is knowledgeable and experienced with the technicalities necessary to assist owners or managers of buildings subject to LL6 penalties. With NYS licensed professional engineers on staff, EBI is qualified to identify the underlying condition that is causing the recurring water leaks and mold growth and to verify that the underlying condition was properly repaired. Additionally, they are able to administer the repair program, if found to be necessary, in an efficient, cost effective manner. This makes it easier for the building owner or manager to comply with Local Law 6 of 2013.