Balcony Engineers

Balconies located on the outside of buildings take the brunt of weather including rain and snow. This weather can wreak havoc on the balcony structure including deterioration of the concrete and steel that supports the balcony structure. It is critical that balconies are inspected to make sure they are in sound condition. The engineering staff of EBI have decades of experience in inspecting balconies and designing structural repairs as needed to make sure the balcony structure is safe and waterproof.

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Why is my balcony crumbling away?

First a brief overview of why balconies fail. Basic components of a concrete balcony will vary but may include:

  • Concrete.
  • Reinforcing steel system embedded in concrete.
  • Structural support such as steel beams, and connections.
  • Metal deck.
  • Railings and protective coatings.

Physical degradation of concrete balconies is usually related to the effects of moisture penetrating the balcony system. Moisture intrusion may lead to the following conditions.

  • Metal corrosion.
  • Spalling due to freeze-thaw Cycles.
  • Change of concrete PH due to contaminants carried by moisture and air.

Many times the original placement of the embedded steel reinforcement is too close to the exterior surface which will exacerbate the above conditions.

How do I properly repair my crumbling balcony?

Restoration of concrete balconies includes:

  • The removal of loose and deteriorated concrete.
  • Exposing and cleaning embedded steel reinforcement.
  • Priming and pinning
  • New modified concrete repair mortar.
  • Protective coatings.

These steps are essential for a lasting repair. Adhering to these repair procedures is also necessary if a manufacturer’s warranty is to be obtained on the repair project.



Rebar Splicing

Verifying Steel

Measuring & Mixing Mortar Repair

Protective coatings will beautify as well as preserve deck concrete repairs for many years. A variety of colors are available to accent and enhance the building aesthetic. Aggregate mixed into the coatings will provide slip resistant surfaces.

Coatings also help maintain a water tight seal at railing posts. These coating systems are primarily urethane systems that are liquid applied. Substrate preparation is critical for a lasting system.