Roof Engineers-Inspection & Design

EBI is experienced in evaluating roof systems of all kinds. Roof systems include membranes and flashings, as well as masonry structures that impact roof performance. These masonry structures include bulkheads, parapets and chimneys that if not properly flashed can allow water into a building.  Knowing how these building elements work to provide a weatherproof envelope is critical when designing a restoration or replacement roofing system.  EBI is knowledgeable in the many manufactured membrane systems and will choose the most appropriate and time-tested design.  We can design repair approaches, monolithic liquid coating systems or comprehensive replacement to meet new building and energy codes.

Once designed, EBI is there to facilitate the bidding of the project by qualified installers, and to provide Owner’s representation through the installation process. Much of what is expected of a new roofing project is achieved by oversight that is performed by the experienced staff of EBI during the install. The team at EBI has years of experience in the field, working closely with reputable manufacturers in the verification process that the roof installation meets all specified requirements.